Bronze Sculpture

Modelling for ceramic production, as far as my work is concerned, is in producing forms or vehicles for my decoration - animals, birds, vessels, plaques etc. However, it became interesting to me to make some sculpture in a more traditional way i.e. undecorated or with plain glaze.

It is of course possible to produce pure sculptural forms in ceramics as I have done sometimes but so much shrinkage takes place in the firing that it is hard to produce anything of a certain size. For instance, porcelain shrinks by 16% from wet clay to fired finish. I love learning new skills, what other medium would be honourable?

Real bronze. It is an honest, perfect way of reproducing sculpted objects, permanent, not easily damaged and can be reproduced in small limited editions.

My work in ceramics is all 'one-off' so this would be a way of having limited editions produced by a foundry, providing income that would allow me to spend more time on fewer ceramic pieces. My ceramic work could then become even finer than before.

Bronze Gallery

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